Odumodublvck narrates how his father died untimely


Fast rising rapper, Odumodublvck has opened up about the tragic loss of his father because his family could not afford to N70,000 for hospital bed, leading to his father's untimely death.

In a post on his social media (X) page today, Wednesday, February 21, 2024, Odumodublvck talked about his early struggles as an artist, sharing the harrowing experience of bringing his father home to die due to their financial constraints.

The Declan Rice singer expressed his profound belief that no musician had paved the way for his musical success, citing his difficult upbringing and the tragic loss of his father as defining moments in his journey. While acknowledging the inspiration he drew from other rappers, Odumodublvck vehemently rejected the notion that any artist had paved the path for him.

Odumodublvck showcased the gravity of his family's poverty at the time of his father's passing, highlighting the inability to afford hospital expenses as a stark reality they faced. He addressed those who claimed to have paved the way for him, asserting that it was ultimately the work of a higher power rather than any individual artist.

In his poignant message, Odumodublvck emphasized the importance of humility and denounced the notion of artists playing God in determining others' paths to success.

His revelation has sparked discussions among fans and peers, shedding light on the harsh realities faced by many aspiring artists and showcasing the resilience required to overcome adversity in the music industry.