Welcome to the New Notjustok

SHARE has relaunched with an entirely new look and website. We now have a website that doesn’t make you feel you are in the 2010s.

We have been working on our new website to be faster, easier to navigate, sleeker and more modern. Now we have a site that matches our new mission - To provide valuable and engaging content, particularly in music, sports, and entertainment that culturally affects the African youth locally and globally.

Here are several things you will notice on the new

  1. A homepage highlighting the range of what offers - from music news, sports news, and lyrics to our longer-form articles about music and events/awards coverage.
  2. More straightforward navigation so you can get to Notjustok material you want to consume on desktop and mobile faster.
  3. A much easier-to-read design for short and long articles
  4. Well-optimized pages that allow faster loading of each page.
  5. A fully revamped logo that has a global, young, and modern feel to it.
  6. Engaging feature articles along with breathtaking photography coming soon has re-invented itself from the viral music discovery platform that broke Nigerian artists on the internet in the 2000s. As we evolve, our core remains music, but our new focus will be to provide valuable content to the African youth locally and globally.

You can find our work and content where you spend most of your time - Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and TikTok