My mom said I should start wearing longer skirts - Ayra Starr


Afrobeat star, Ayra Starr has recently made waves with her decision to change her fashion style, following her mother's wishes.

Known for her bold and revealing outfits, Ayra Starr has often been the center of attention for her choice of attire, particularly her signature miniskirts.

However, in a new video posted on her social media (X) page today, Wednesday, February 7, 2024, Ayra Starr is seen donning a long skirt, signaling a departure from her usual wardrobe. She announced her decision to forgo short skirts, citing her mother's instructions as the reason behind the change.

In a caption accompanying the post, she wrote, "My mom said I should start wearing longer skirts, #ayerastarr."

While some fans have expressed support for Ayra Starr's decision to adhere to her mother's wishes, others have voiced their disappointment, urging her to revert to her previous style. The singer's status as a "mini skirt ambassador" has sparked debates among fans, with opinions divided on whether she should maintain her daring fashion choices or embrace a more conservative approach.

Ayra Starr's decision to alter her style highlights the influence of parental guidance and the ongoing dialogue surrounding self-expression and societal expectations. As she navigates this new chapter in her fashion journey, fans eagerly await to see how Ayra Starr will continue to captivate audiences with her music and style choices.