Ayra Starr talks about her love for Rihanna


Nigerian music sensation Ayra Starr has openly admired the iconic artist Rihanna.

In a recent statement with Rolling Stones at the 2024 Grammys, Ayra Starr revealed that Rihanna's album "Anti" holds a special place in her heart, describing it as her top favourite album.

She expressed, "That album is just timeless; she has every single sound; she’s unstoppable. I feel like the more I listen to it, the more I understand it. I love it so much." This declaration underscores the profound influence of Rihanna's music on Ayra Starr's creative vision.

Additionally, Ayra Starr has articulated that Rihanna stands as her biggest inspiration, citing the confidence and empowering nature of Rihanna's music as qualities that she deeply admires. The Grammy Award nominee for her hit single Rush has always been a core fan of Rihanna, as she revealed in an interview in 2021.

The rising star's candid appreciation for Rihanna's artistry illuminates the cross-generational impact of Rihanna's work on emerging talents within the music industry.