"Mavin Wouldn't Have Been The Same Without Tiwa" - Don Jazzy

Don Jazzy's Statement on Tiwa Savage's exit from Mavin

Don Jazzy

Still on Tiwa Savage's new deal with Universal Music Group, Don Jazzy has opened up that Tiwa had a great influence on the growth of Mavin Records while they were business partners.

Speaking about his journey with Tiwa Savage from the beginning of their contract till date, the Mavin Boss explains that Tiwa has been nothing short of amazing and her presence in the label has also helped the growth of the label in so many ways.

He revealed this as a guest on Loose Talk Podcast where he said;

It's obvious to everybody. it was an epic journey, I don't necessarily feel like, oh now she's signed to universal, to everybody it just looks like she has gone to the land beyond beyond. I don't understand. We're still business partners, they're still catalogs that we share, we're still going to be receiving royalties for the rest of our lives... so we're still working together. So yea, the business was dope, she is actually one of my favorite business partners of all times...  she was very understanding from the get go till now. There's nothing that she doesn't understand. But we try as much as possible to understand each other even when we disagree on some things. But she's just matured you know. she's loving, she knows what she wants from day one... she saw a beautiful platform where we could grow ourselves mutually and she came on and she really helped us grow. My brand personally; the Mavin brand wouldn't be the same without somebody like her... I give her a lot of kudos for how she handled the entire journey and I know that she'll be great where she's going to.

Don Jazzy also revealed how he met Tiwa through Tiwa's friend, Elohor Aissen during the time of Mo'Hit but couldn't sign her at the time because according to him, he needed to make money off "The Mo'hit first lady show" before they actually have the first lady. But when Mo'Hit crashed, Don Jazzy recruited Tiwa and that's they started dropping hits and securing the bags that followed.?

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