'Mad Melon' Of Danfo Driver Is Dead!


Mad melon of Danfo driver

A member of the pioneers of street music, Mad Melon from the Danfo Driver group has been announced dead after a brief undisclosed illness.

This news was made public by Daddy Showkey on Thursday, the 26th of September who expressed his anger and frustration over this loss via Instagram. He said;

"What kind of sad news is this, what kind of sad news is this, what kind of sad news is this. Oh my God, we just lost somebody, I just heard it just now. I'm not happy at all, I'm not happy. When dem go dey tell people make dem dey hear, make dem dey hear,"

The Danfo Drivers duo which was made up of Mad Melon and Mountain Black became popular in the 2000s for their popular hit record "Jogodo" and their dance step 'Swo' with came with their Eponymous track 'I am a Danfo Driver'. 

Danfo Driver

In 2018, the group and Tekno were caught up in a content theft battle where they claimed Tekno had used their lyrics from 'Jogodo' without consulting them or paying anything.