M.I Promises To Adequately Address Vector's "Gbas" In New EP

M.I Abaga Vector beef

Vector and MI Abaga

For every Gbas, the internet believes there should be an equal or superior "Gbos" to match and that's what fans are clamoring for with the present rap beef between M.I Abaga and Vector.

After days of asking M.I for just that, the Chocolate City rapper has finally responded, promising to adequately serve his "gbos" to Vector who served his Gbas in the Purge.... or maybe that was a "Gbos".

This promise to respond was made after MI announced he'll be dropping an EP next week under Waner Music and Chocolate City.

According to M.I, he was hurt by Vector referring to his fans as "dumb" and he revealed he is going to respond to Vector ADEQUATELY.

He said;

MI Abaga Vector

M.I Abaga

But what do you guys think? How hard do you think M.I's response will hit?

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