LAX and Crayon tease exciting new collaboration in studio session


Nigerian music lovers have been set abuzz as talented singers, Damilola Afolabi, widely recognized as LAX, and Charles Chibueze Chukwu, also known as Crayon, hinted at an upcoming collaboration.

A tantalizing video surfaced online on Sunday, March 24, 2024, showcasing the duo engaged in a lively studio session, sparking anticipation for what promises to be a musical treat.

In the video snippet, LAX and Crayon can be seen exuding infectious energy as they dance stylishly and vibe to what appears to be a captivating sound from their forthcoming single. While the video lacked audio, the infectious rhythm and the artists' enthusiastic movements strongly suggest a potential chart-topper in the making.

Notably, this collaboration marks the first time that LAX and Crayon have joined forces on a musical project, further amplifying the anticipation among fans eager to witness the synergy between these two dynamic artists.

The studio session also featured the presence of two other individuals diligently working alongside LAX and Crayon. One person was seen seated in front of a music recording device, presumably overseeing the production process, while another captured moments on video, possibly documenting the creative journey behind the upcoming track.

As speculation mounts and excitement builds, fans eagerly await further details regarding the release of this highly anticipated collaboration between LAX and Crayon, poised to deliver yet another musical masterpiece to the Nigerian music scene.