LAX reportedly sues Twitter user for slander


Damilola Abdul Rasak Afolabi, LAX, the Nigerian singer and songwriter, has filed a lawsuit against a Twitter user for slander.

The user, one @edna.reese made defamatory statements about LAX on the social media platform on January 2, 2024. She quoted a picture of LAX with his alleged girlfriend with the comment "Rasaki wicked herpes giver. Omo! Love and light to you. Immediately, LAX countered her claims, but on on January 4, 2024, the user wrote, "I was locked up and just got out... I was locked up and I came out to a 500 million naira letter of demand..."

From this, we can only assume that LAX is seeking damages for the alleged harm caused by the defamatory statements. This lawsuit is not the first of its kind, as other public figures have also sued Twitter users for defamation. The case is ongoing, and further details are yet to be disclosed.

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