I Am Glad That Ghana Has Stopped Exporting Cocoa To Europe - Jidenna

Nigerian-American singer and songwriter, Jidenna, has expressed his delight at Ghana's decision to stop exporting cocoa to Switzerland and the rest of Europe.

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Jidenna, who is also a rapper and producer, is known for his monster hit single, 'Classic Man'. He has always been known for his roots, through his music and lifestyle. Jidenna, a Nigerian raised in Enugu, expressed his delight at Ghana's decision to stop exporting cocoa to Switzerland and all other European countries in a video that went viral on the Internet.

In what he called a "new era," the singer urged other African countries to follow suit, not only with their cocoa, but also with other natural resources, such as cobalt, which is extremely useful for technology.

The singer is vehemently opposed to any form of neocolonialism, urging African leaders to take control of their natural resources and decide how they should be distributed and controlled on their own terms. In the video, he said:

It’s a day to celebrate. I don’t know if you heard but Ghana decided not to export cocoa to Switzerland and all the European nations that have been caking off the chocolate industry. Globally, the chocolate industry is 102 Billion Dollars but Ghana sees 2 Billion Dollars and then it creates a legacy that Swiss chocolates are the best … My prayer is that Ghana is not the first and only country to do this. We need to do the same thing that OPEC does with Oil.


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