UK rapper J Hus shares snippet of new song with Naira Marley


UK rapper J Hus shared a snippet of his upcoming project featuring popular Nigerian artist Naira Marley after the successful release of his collaboration with Drake.

Fans and music enthusiasts are buzzing with excitement over the collaboration between J Hus and Naira Marley. J Hus, who is famous for his versatile style and unique sound, has achieved great success in the UK rap scene. Meanwhile, Naira Marley has significantly impacted the Nigerian street pop genre. The duo's unexpected collaboration has brought together two distinct styles and cultures, creating anticipation for what they have in store.

The significance of this collaboration lies in the fact that it's the first major collaboration between Naira Marley and a UK rapper. It highlights the increasing global impact of Nigerian artists and the acknowledgement they receive from artists in different regions.

J Hus has announced that a new song will be released Today, Thursday, July 13, 2023. However, the title and theme of the song are currently being kept under wraps, leaving fans intrigued and eagerly anticipating its release. The teaser for the upcoming music video has only added to the excitement, leaving fans wanting more.

The potential collaboration between J Hus and Naira Marley is highly anticipated by fans due to their individual successes and unique musical styles. This project has the potential to create a fresh and exciting sound by blending elements from both UK rap and Nigerian street pop genres. Fans are eager to see how their distinct styles come together to create a new and exciting fusion of talent.

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