Iyanya reacts to rising divorce among young couples


Popular singer Iyanya Onoyom Mbuk, widely known as Iyanya, has shared his perspective on marriage, emphasising its inherent beauty despite the prevailing trend of divorces within the entertainment industry, in a recent episode of The Kingz Corner podcast.

The 'One Side' crooner expressed his belief that Nigerians need to develop the ability to overlook instances of "bad marriages" to prevent such cases from clouding their overall perception of the institution.

Iyanya encouraged people not to let negative experiences define their expectations of marriage, asserting that finding someone who loves and is willing to make sacrifices can lead to a beautiful marital experience.

During the podcast, Iyanya remarked, "I believe that if you find someone who loves you and is willing to sacrifice, it [marriage] is beautiful. I know people who are happily married, not that they don’t have challenges, but I’ve watched them protect what they have. Some people who are happily married are not on Instagram; they don’t post valuable moments. They keep it, they cherish it."

The singer also highlighted the impact of social media on marriages, urging couples to discern whether their marriage is primarily "social." He cautioned against using platforms like Instagram to showcase every aspect of a relationship, emphasizing the importance of privacy and protecting valuable moments.

Iyanya's insights come at a time when divorce cases among celebrities often make headlines, and his positive outlook on marriage aims to encourage a more balanced and realistic perspective within the public domain. As the entertainment industry grapples with relationship challenges, Iyanya's message serves as a reminder of the enduring beauty that marriage can hold when built on love and commitment.