Is "No Longer Beneficial" for Ozo & Nengi? Simi Speaks


Is the song "No Longer Beneficial" by Simi aimed at Ozo & Nengi?... Ozo has been evicted from the Big Brother Naija house and once again, he showed his unrequited love to the woman he's in love with, Nengi, who even in eviction, refused to reciprocate.

Simi Ozo Nengi

Simi, Nengi and Ozo

This action from Nengi has prompted people to ask Nigerian singer, Simi, who recently dropped a jam, "No Longer Beneficial" if the song was inspired by both housemates.

The question goes thus "I think this @SympLySimi No longer beneficial was inspired by Ozo n Nengi Situationship" and Simi responded with "Take that song and dip it in whatever situation you like. I'm with it."


Simi Ozo Nengi

Simi on Ozo and Nengi