'I’m the greatest philosopher of our time,' Shallipopi reveals


Shallipopi, the plutomania president, persuades fans to believe he is a better writer than Shakespeare.

In a tweet, Shallipopi asks fans to call him "the wise tortoise" as he believes he is the greatest philosopher of our time. He said he has been "dropping a sentence that has a thousand meanings that only few can decode" and says that people who have been paying attention to what he says would believe so too.

Two days before, Shallipopi made a tweet that reads "Thread carefully, needle carelessly" and a lot of his fans were likening him to Shakespeare.

Shallipopi, who recently received a plaque from the turntable charts for his debut album, Planet Pluto, and his collaborative song with Odumodublvck, Cast, has been moving at a very fast pace since the release of Elon Musk which had all of his fans singing along on all their social media accounts.

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