"I won't say I was a gangster, I am a gangster" - Naira Marley on Noisey


Nigerian controversial artiste, Naira Marley, Self-proclaimed Gangster, was recently spotted on a featured documentary by American music platform, Noisey where they documented part of the star's life to tell his story to the end of the world.

Naira Marley Vice

Speaking on violence, Naira Marley said to Noisey;

I'd see people dying over cultism and setting thieves on fire, you know man I witnessed it. Like Nigeria where I see it and like London where I'm going through it.

When asked if he considered himself a gangster, Naira Marley said;

I'm still a gangster. I won't say I was a gangster, I am a gangster.

On if the yahoo boys were blown bigger than it actually is, Naira said;

They just named everything to do with Fraud as Yahoo. That one is wrong in the first place. Nigerians are not even the biggest scammer. We're not even in the top hundred, but we are like the face of it. What is a yahoo boy? What it that like? ... over there in the UK, you can say anything we want. You can say I don't think the Queen is doing this, I don't think ... no one's going to arrest you. Over here you can't do that. I got arrested for no reason, I was just talking too much on Live Instagram

Watch the Noisey Documentary of Naira Marley - 'I'm A Gangster'

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