"I Don't Know Anything About How I Ended Up On Beyonce's Lion King Album..." - Burna Boy


Burna boy Beyonce Lionking album

Nigerian superstar, Burna Boy just announced that he has no idea how he got on Beyonce's latest Lion King inspired album, "Lion King; The Gift."

This announcement was made public by the African Giant on the Breakfast Club. He went on to state that he has never met Beyonce before and how his song became part of the album was not a conversation he was involved in. The singer revealed that his mother was approached and that's how the news got to him.

He stated this when he was asked how he got on Beyonce's new album and got a soundtrack. he said; "I don't know anything about how I ended up on it, to be honest."

When asked if Beyonce didn't call him, he said, "I've not spoken to her before. Not one on one."

On how he got the message that Beyonce wants him on her album he said "I got it from my mom"

Charlamagne Tha God: So your mom talked to Beyonce? Burna responded with "probably, I don't know."

Still talking about the album, Burnaboy stated how wrong he finds Nigerians on the internet trying to compare artistes on the album, an attitude, he said, they shouldn't be caught doing as he believes two great artistes can exist without people trying to know who's the greatest because in his words "The truth needs no validation."

The interview also talked about his recent album, African Giant, the different sounds in Africa, his growth in the African music scene, being inspired by a legend such as Fela and his admiration for Nipsey Hussle.