Highlights from Asake’s sold out concert in Edmonton


Nigerian International artist, Ahmed Ololade, popularly known as Asake, has ignited a wave of excitement across social media platforms following clips from his recent performances in Canada.

The Nigerian star has been captivating audiences throughout North America during his ongoing music tour.

Previously, Asake's electrifying show in Toronto made headlines, showcasing his dynamic stage presence and musical prowess. However, it was a spontaneous moment in Edmonton that truly caught the attention of online spectators. A viral clip surfaced, capturing Asake engaging with a local Busker, or street rapper, on the bustling streets of Edmonton.

In the footage, the singer was seen generously showering the street performer with dollars as he delivered an impromptu performance for the Afro-fusion sensation. This candid interaction showcased Asake's down-to-earth persona and his willingness to connect with artists at all levels.

Moreover, leaked clips from Asake's concert in Edmonton have further fueled discussions about the artist's remarkable stage management and unforgettable performances. Fans have been effusive in their praise, commending Asake for delivering exhilarating shows that leave audiences spellbound.

As excitement continues to build around Asake's North American tour, anticipation is mounting for future performances as the talented artist continues to captivate global audiences with his unique blend of Afro-fusion music.