Asake reveals the challenges he faced with his tattoo


Nigerian singer, Asake has shared his perspective on the obstacles faced by individuals with tattoos when seeking employment in Nigeria.

In an article published in the most recent issue of GQ magazine, Asake recounted the challenges he encountered due to his visible neck tattoo.

Asake explained that having a tattoo on his neck significantly limited his professional opportunities. "In Nigeria, if you have a tattoo on your neck, you can’t work anywhere," he stated. "I can’t work for any company. I can’t sell anything."

The singer's comments shed light on the preconceptions and stigma surrounding tattoos in the Nigerian job market. His experience illustrates how individuals with visible tattoos may struggle to find work or conduct business, as many employers may have reservations about hiring them.

Asake also spoke about his journey to success in the Nigerian music industry. While some may view him as an "overnight success," he clarified that his rise to fame was far from immediate. He described his efforts to achieve success as a lengthy process, only recently reaching his goal.

The Only Me crooner's story highlights the need for greater acceptance and open-mindedness towards individuals with tattoos, particularly in professional settings. Asake's experience underscores the broader societal challenges faced by those with visible tattoos in Nigeria.