Here's why Portable clashed with Vector


Controversial singer, Portable has ignited a feud with veteran rapper, Vector Tha Viper, following a perceived diss in an unreleased song.

Vector's mention of "Zazu" in the song snippet sparked Portable's ire, leading him to lash out on social media on Wednesday, June 5, 2024.

In an Instagram live session, Portable boasted about his superiority over Vector, claiming he controls the streets and the country. He questioned Vector's ability to match his success, asking if he could "blow" like him. Portable also asserted that singers like himself are essential for rappers like Vector, implying that he needs a chorus from a singer to make a hit song.

Portable's outburst is the latest in a series of controversial statements and feuds that have defined his career. His remarks have sparked a heated debate in the music industry, with fans and colleagues alike weighing in on the matter.