Henry Knight Accuses Peter Okoye Of Song Theft.

Just yesterday, Danfo Drivers were seen in a video caling out Tekno, now another artsite, Henry Knight is calling out Peter Okoye for allegedly stealing his song, Ebano, releasing another with the title, Ebeano
This information was released on Instagram and sent to the mails of hundreds of blogs and online platforms that didn't get the memo that Peter Okoye has released a song that is not originally his.
Listening to the song, you'll realize that the hook is thesame, with MrP using Ebano 's hook and melody. The artiste stated that he wasn't contacted or even given any royalty and he's angry according to Him because this is not the first time things like this would happen.
His post read;
Via @iamhenryknight on Instagram: Everyday in the Nigeria Music Industry, most of the biggest artistes who never for once help you even when you reach out to them in growing time of need for a collaboration or any other, tend to get away with ripping you off and making profit out of your property. Dear Peter okoye @peterpsquare I released a song called Ebano on the 8th of August 2015 with hard earned Money which was produced by TeeMode, You copied the hook of the song without any form of royalty that is required or any form of credit to me.. We have seen other cases like when Davido credited Teni for "like that"  it's clearly true that You rise by lifting others.
Henry knight is not all about this drama, I had to do this, because this is not the first time something like this is happening ..
 This is not a good publicity for Peter Okoye who recently separated from his twin brother who has claimed severally to be the writer o almost all their songs because his brother hasn't harnessed his writing skill.
Would this be proving Paul right or is there a misunderstanding somewhere that needs resolution as soon as possible because Peter wrote the song?