Gospel artist, Kwaku Kwame reveals plans to charge for live concerts


Ghanaian gospel artist Kwaku Kwame has revealed plans to introduce ticket fees for his upcoming live concerts.

Kwame disclosed this in a recent interview with Joy Prime on November 24, 2023, citing the need to cover production costs. He emphasised that organising such events requires substantial funds, and selling tickets is a strategic approach to securing the necessary resources.

"Some individuals believe gospel musicians should offer their events for free, considering it a form of ministry. However, it's challenging to organize mass events solely with personal funds. Artistry is a business, and it's different from ministry," Kwame explained.

Highlighting the financial complexities of live recordings, he stressed the importance of logistics and other essential elements. The gospel artist asserted that taking money for his concerts is a form of remuneration for his creativity, emphasising the distinction between ministry and artistry.

"I am both an artist and a minister of the gospel. While my passion for ministry is a calling, the business aspect of it is artistry," he stated. Kwaku Kwame elaborated on his understanding of ministry, defining it as strictly doing what God has called an individual to do, with the business side classified as artistry.

Reflecting on his journey, the gospel musician shared that he has been actively involved in ministry for a decade. He revealed that his response to the call of ministry occurred during his senior high school years. Kwaku Kwame acknowledged the challenges but expressed his commitment to balancing both ministry and artistry.

"Sometimes when the call is there, you can't run away from it. Several prophecies came to confirm that. It is where I think my passion lies; it's fun doing ministry and artistry at the same time," he concluded. As Kwaku Kwame prepares to implement ticket sales for his live concerts, the move has sparked a debate among fans and observers regarding the intersection of ministry and the business of artistry in the gospel music industry.