Fraud starts from "para dey body" - Spyro drags Shallipopi


Nigerian singer and songwriter, Spyro dissects Shallipopi's Elon Musk.

In a recent episode of the Honey Bunch podcast, Nigerian singer and songwriter Oludipe Oluwasanmi David, professionally known as Spyro, took a critical stance on Shallipopi's song Elon Musk. In a candid conversation, Spyro has raised serious concerns about the potential negative implications of the song's content, particularly in relation to promoting illicit activities like scamming and money laundering, commonly referred to as "Yahoo Yahoo."

Spyro doesn't mince his words as he accuses Shallipopi of glorifying these illegal activities through the lyrics of his song. Elon Musk seemingly serves as a backdrop for Spyro's criticism, as he believes that the song's narrative subtly endorses harmful behaviour that could lead listeners astray.

Drawing a direct link between the content of a song and its potential impact on listeners, Spyro highlights the power of music to influence behaviours and attitudes. He warns that repeated exposure to such content can gradually shape listeners' mindsets and behaviours, ultimately normalising actions that are harmful or unethical. Spyro asserts that individuals can inadvertently internalise the messages contained within songs, leading them to subconsciously align their actions with what they've repeatedly heard.

According to Spyro, “You become what you see and say. So if you’re saying ‘para dey body’ right before you know that’s where fraud start from.

“E get the way wey you go take hear something wey be sey you go wake up self na that thing go come out from your head because you’ve internalised it, you’ve digested it. It has gone into your system, once you take it in, it just puts one song for your mind.

“A lot of attack wey we think say.. This generation we think sey devil will come with horns, Devil no dey come with horns, na suggestions, he just suggest something.”