Fave reveals she dated her choirmaster when she was 10 years old


Rising singer Chidozie Ugochinyere, popularly known as Fave, has revealed that she once dated her choirmaster.

In a recent conversation with colleagues Bloody Samaritan and actresses Susan Pwajok and Genoveva Umeh, the 24-year-old singer shared that she once dated her choirmaster when she was just 10 years old.

According to Fave, the choirmaster was also a child and part of the same age group in the children's choir. Also, she described their relationship as "cute" and a product of their innocence, with midnight calls and playful interactions.

In her words, “He was the choirmaster. It was the children’s choir, so we were all kind of like kids. We would do this midnight thing where he would call, and it was just cute.”

Meanwhile, Fave also opened up about her sexuality, expressing doubts about whether she is straight or not. Instead, she embraced her curiosity and hinted at exploring her options. "My sexuality is in question; I am curious. Shouldn't we all be curious? If you are not, then it's a problem," she said.

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