Permission Granted Lyrics by King Promise Feat. Fave


King Promise and Fave Lyrics

King Promise recruits sensational singer, Fave, for the third track on his True To Self album, read the lyrics for Permission Granted below. Hylander was the producer behind the creation of Permission Granted.

The album cover for "True To Self" by King Promise features a visually striking scene. In a dark, minimalist room with a red floor, King Promise is seen standing in front of a large mirror. He is dressed in an orange trench coat and matching pants, looking at his reflection. His reflection, however, shows him in a blue sleeveless outfit with his hand on his chin, as if deep in thought. The album title "TRUE TO SELF" is written in bold, textured red letters at the bottom left, with King Promise's name in smaller script below it. An abstract logo is positioned at the bottom right corner of the cover.
True To Self Album Cover Art

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King Promise & Fave - Permission Granted Lyrics

Verse 1: King Promise
See that girl for the corner
The way her body confam
Then dem day call me the striker
For you girlie I retire
She no dey watch nobody matter she just wanna have fun
For what you do to me
Leave all your bills on me

Chorus: King Promise & Fave
Come closer (Uhh uhh uhh)
Go slower (Uhh uhh uhh)
Permission granted to do what you wanted (To me)
Make you dey lose all your senses on me
Come closer (Uhh uhh uhh)
And baby girl go slower (go slow)
For what you do to me (what you do to me)
Leave all your bills on me

Verse 2: Fave
This no bе the kind of love I dey want
I no wan wait for your door
You givе me sugar and honey wey dey sweet me for body
No go dey out me for hold
Ain't none to me
Ain't none to me
I rather harvest your loving we planting the seeds
Baby believe
Don't say that we never tried
We never tried, we never tried
Don't say that we crossed the line
We crossed the line, we crossed the line
Don't say that we haven't met before
You know you're the one my heart still wants

Chorus: King Promise & Fave
Come closer (Uhh uhh uhh)
Go slower (go slow) (Uhh uhh uhh)
Permission granted to do what you wanted (granted to do what you wanted)
Make you dey lose all your senses (make you dey lose) (For me) (for me)
Come closer (Uhh uhh uhh)
Oh baby girl go slower (go slow) (Uhh uhh uhh)
For what you do to me (for what you do to me)
Leave all your bills on me (leave all your bills on me)
Yeah yeah

Outro: King Promise
One time make I put it inside
Make I give it to you how you love
Two time baby come whine
Baby show me what you got
Baby let it go
Know you wanna let it go yeah
Baby make you let it go yeah
King King Promise

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