The Experience 2020: The World's Largest Gospel Concert Takes Over Tonight!


It's that time of the year again! The Experience 2020, the world's largest Gospel Concert is set to hold on Friday, December 11. In case you're wondering... yes, that's tonight!

The Experience 2020: The World's Largest Gospel Concert Takes Over This December!

The Experience 2020: The World's Largest Gospel Concert Takes Over This December!

Did you know that the biggest gospel concert in the world does not take place in the US, UK or even Canada? It takes place in the industrious city of Lagos State located in Africa’s most populous country, Nigeria right in the heart of West Africa.

Every year, gospel enthusiasts and dignitaries eagerly await the twelfth month of the year to witness the largest concert in Africa – The Experience. It causes December to be welcomed with extremely high spiritedness because on the first Friday night of the month, Tafawa Balewa Square becomes a center of unity for thousands of Christians and even non-Christians all over the world to converge in an atmosphere of worship, praise and prayers.

Since its birth in 2006, The Experience has skyrocketed from a physical attendance of 70,000 to more than a million people both in physical attendance and online streaming across the 7 continents of the world irrespective of their religious belief, ethnicity or socio-economic status. It has attracted top personalities within and outside the country including business moguls, industry executives, politicians, leaders and other noteworthy personalities who humanely enjoin the ambience of reverence to God.

The Experience - Tafawa Balewa Square

The Experience - Tafawa Balewa Square

Every year in the month of December, The Experience tops the trending topics not only in Nigeria and Africa but worldwide as a result of its remarkable audience following and tenacious global support. It has contributed significantly to the Nigerian economy in the areas of hospitality, commerce, tourism and human capital development consequently from the coalition of individuals and brands who directly or indirectly witnessed the phenomenal impact of the concert.

The most anticipated occurrence of the event being the musical performances features an array of gospel artistes from far and wide, ranging from the crème de la crème of gospel music to upcoming artistes and even comedians. Some of the artistes from The Experience’s impressive roster over the years include regulars and old timers like Don Moen, Nathaniel Bassey, Kirk Franklin, Sinach, Kurt Carr, Cece Winans, Deitrick Haddon, Chioma Jesus, Travis Greene, Donnie McClurkin, Tope Alabi, Frank Edwards, Eben, to debut performers like Tasha Cobbs Leonard, Hillsong United, Maverick City and a long list of others.

This has led to massive spring forth of indigenous gospel music both locally and globally resulting in outstanding music collaborations between foreign and local artistes that have further pushed the global- recognition of our indigenous songs in many churches and the media worldwide.

Speaking on the great influence of the event on the country and the widespread growth of its gospel music, Convener of The Experience and Senior Pastor of House on The Rock church, Paul Adefarasin said, “…while we do not take all the credit for the growth of the gospel industry, we are proud to say that The Experience has played a very prominent role in this regard. The socio-economic impact of this mammoth occasion is evident and lends credence to scriptures in the Psalms which attest that God blesses and causes the earth to yield its increase to His people whenever He inhabits their praises”.

The Experience - Pastor Paul Adefarasin

The Experience - Pastor Paul Adefarasin

The Experience 2020 marks the 15th Edition of the gospel concert and for the first time since its inception, the event is taking place virtually only, due to the restrictions brought about by the pandemic. This approach will attract an even larger audience than the event has ever witnessed as the barrier of location will be non-existent, thanks to the unifying force of the internet.

With all the important life lessons learnt this year, and compulsive transition to The New Normal, everyone is looking forward to the magnificence of The Experience 2020 expressed in soul-gratifying music, spirit-filled atmosphere, intense gratitude and powerful intercessory sessions.

Stream Live on Youtube, starting at 9pm local time (8pm GMT).