Eva Alordiah Urges Nigerian Parents To Have Sex Conversations With Their Kids | READ


The rapper emphasized the need for a sex conversation with children at an early stage of their lives.

Eva Alordiah Kids Sex Chrisland School
Eva Alordiah

Nigerian rapper, podcaster, and entrepreneur, Eva Alordiah, has urged Nigerian parents to have sex conversations with their children from early stages.

The talented artiste, who has been away from the music scene for a while, in light of the ongoing issue of a ten-year-old girl having sex in a room with boys, decided to use that opportunity to address Nigerian parents.

According to the rapper, a lot of Nigerian parents are hypocrites and would rather stand on the ground of their wards' learning sexual activities outside than educate them at home.

In a series of tweets she put out, part of them read:

I hope that more Nigerian parents will stop hiding behind the curtains of hypocrisy & righteousness, and begin to have real conversations with their own children about Sex We are sexual beings by nature. Heal your own shame & traumas and teach your kids about their Sexual Nature

In a world where Information is rampant and easily accessible, where most children today are gifted Ipads before they are gifted books, where Sex is on ever ready display at the click of a button, it is even more Urgent that we discuss Sex in an open, intuitive and respectful way

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