#EndSARS: Orezi Condemns Nigerian Government for Hoarding Covid-19 Palliative


Nigerian singer, Orezi openly condemned the selfish act of the Nigerian government for storing for themselves Covid 19 palliatives meant for Nigerians in warehouses.


The EndSARS peaceful protest took a different turn after the Lekki massacre on the 20th of October 2020. Violence, destruction of properties, and looting became a daily routine by thugs who hijacked the protest to express their precarious behaviours.

As the upheaval continued, unanimous tips gave out the locations of large capacity warehouses containing Covid 19 palliatives meant for distribution during the extended lockdown across the country, and on the discovery, everything were plundered.

These callous act by some government officials were widely criticized by Nigerians and Orezi openly condemned the act as well by expressing his displeasure on his Instagram page on the 25th of October 2020. He wrote:

Nigerian leaders constantly leave me heartbroken. Bunch of wicked leaders with no human feeling what so ever. You embezzled billions of naira covid 19 relief funds for your personal aggrandizement, like that was not enough then you also go ahead to deny the items that his meant for them.

Orezi further expressed what he believes will make Nigeria great. He expressed:

I repeat until our politicians start going to jail for these broad daylight crimes with evidences staring at us in the eye, Nigeria will never be great.

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