#EndSARS: Nigerian Police Kidnap Oxlade’s Manager, Ojah Bee, During Protest


Nigerian rising star, Oxlade announced the kidnapping of his road manager “Ojah Bee” by Policemen while participating in a peaceful protest in Surulere.

Ojah Bee and Oxlade

Ademola Ojabodu “Ojah Bee”, who was spotted in a video, was dragged and dehumanized by the Special Anti-Robbery Squad and taken to anti-kidnapping unit in Iyun road on the 12th of October 2020.

Ojah Bee

Oxlade clamours for the release of his road manager with an appeal to Nigerians to spread the news of this injustice by this force men. A new hashtag has coined for his release #FreeOjahBee.

Even with the intervention of many Nigerians retweeting and spreading the word, Ojah Bee is still wrongfully being detained and currently tortured.