#EndSARS: Kranium, Chance the Rapper, Lil Baby, and others participate


Several international artists such as Kranium, Chance the rapper, Lil baby and others joined the ‘#EndSARS’ social media campaign trending worldwide.

Chance, Kranium, Lil Baby, City girls

The #EndSARS campaign has gone beyond Nigeria to other countries of the world, with some international celebrities using their social media platforms to further push for the ban of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad “SARS” in Nigeria.

Social media has been buzzing endlessly with the hashtag “EndSARS”, and some international musicians such as Kranium, Chance the rapper, Lil baby, City girls, and others, joined in the campaign yesterday 9th of October 2020.

Here is how they joined:

The Special Anti-Robbery Squad is a unit of the Nigerian Police force, established to detain, investigate and prosecute people involved in crimes like armed robbery, kidnapping and other forms of crime. However, quite a number of this Nigerian Police unit “SARS” have gone rogue. In spite of the reforms, news of police brutality, extortion, and murdering of unarmed Nigerian youths is still on the rise. The #EndSARS campaign is a clamour for the ban of this unit, so as to put an end to their preposterous activities.