Eedris Abdulkareem writes open letter to Burna Boy for wishing him dead


In the ongoing saga between Nigerian music veterans, Eedris Abdulkareem has penned an open letter directed at his junior colleague, Burna Boy, expressing disappointment and addressing recent contentious exchanges between the two artists.

The rift between Abdulkareem and Burna Boy escalated amidst allegations of disrespect to Afrobeats and accusations of song theft from Fela Kuti's repertoire.

Abdulkareem's letter, shared on Instagram on Saturday, February 17, 2024, highlighted his dismay at Burna Boy's reported wish for his demise and criticism of his health struggles.

In the heartfelt post, Abdulkareem condemned Burna Boy's purported mockery of his health crisis and disparagement of individuals who aided in his recovery, labeling such behavior as deeply regrettable. He further denounced threats to his life, describing them as tasteless and unacceptable.

Addressing Burna Boy's actions as "the most nauseating foul prank of all time," Abdulkareem expressed disappointment at the perceived arrogance and insensitivity exhibited by the celebrated artist. He emphasized his intention to respond to Burna Boy through his medium of expression, music, hinting at an upcoming single titled Essay to Burn Boy.

In his post, “ESSAY TO BURNA BOY” FOR WISHING ME DEAD. Wishing me or any other person dead is truly saddening and very disappointing. Making fun of my health crisis and blaming people who helped to keep me alive is very shameful.
Threatening my life is a different ball game, but for you to play God? That’s the most nauseating foul prank of all time."

Now, conscientious Nigerians and the general public are weighing into the matter and you instantly deleted your demonic prayers for me. I’ll reply through the only medium that I have…and that is music; so I will be dropping my heartfelt response via a single aptly named “Essay to Burn Boy” in a fortnight. Stay tuned for that because “No man be GOD,” he added.

The open letter has sparked public discourse and garnered attention from conscientious Nigerians and the general public.

Abdulkareem's announcement of an impending musical response has piqued curiosity, with fans eagerly awaiting his forthcoming release to address the ongoing dispute between the two artists.