Rudeboy weighs in on Eedris Abdulkareem and Burna Boy feud


Nigerian singer, Paul Okoye, popularly known as Rudeboy, has entered the fray amidst the ongoing spat between veteran artist, Eedris Abdulkareem and contemporary star, Burna Boy.

The dispute was ignited when Burna Boy faced criticism from Abdulkareem for his claims of receiving minimal support within the Nigerian music industry and allegations of copying Fela Kuti's music.

In response to the controversy, Rudeboy took to social media today, Sunday, February 18, 2024, to express his amusement at artists who assert their contributions to the music industry. He criticized Abdulkareem for his tendency to disparage fellow musicians whenever an opportunity arose.

Rudeboy's comments showcased his perspective on the longstanding feud, particularly highlighting Abdulkareem's history of contentious interactions within the industry. He recounted past incidents involving Abdulkareem's alleged actions, including disputes over payment conditions and treatments during joint performances.

The singer's remarks shed light on the complexity of interpersonal dynamics within the Nigerian music scene, offering insights into the behind-the-scenes challenges faced by artists.

As tensions continue to simmer between Abdulkareem and Burna Boy, Rudeboy's intervention adds a new dimension to the ongoing saga, prompting further discussion and speculation among fans and industry observers alike.