"Don't Cry When I Die... I Have Done My Bit" - Harrysong

"Don't Cry When I Die... I Have Done My Bit" - Harrysong

Alterplate boss, Harrysong has informed fans to not shed a tear for him when he leaves planet earth as he believes he has done what he is called on earth to do.

The Selense singer posted this on the Instagram page on Wednesday the 5th of September, stating that he has done his bits on planet earth and nobody should cry when he leaves, rather the should celebrate and organize an Alterplate concert.

He said;

Don't cry wen I die, celebrate, put up a kingmaker concert, empower more youths,... I have Lived... I have Done my bit, carry on in grace... TEKERO❤ I LOVE YOU ALL.#altersoldier

This statement has been reacted on by Mr. Capable, Banky W who stated that such will not happen to the singer and the only reason nobody will cr for him will be because he'll die in his old age.

What prompted this statement or thought is unknown and while we know people, even celebrities go through issues, we hope HarrySong is presently alright because we got a similar message from Dagrin before his passing.


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2 years ago

I love harry songs his music always have meanings unlike this kids that does not write just smoke Igbo and give freestyle as public songs....You won't die my bro Psalm 118:17.Your fans love you@choco