Don Jazzy’s Ex-Wife, Michelle Jacskon, His Mother React To His Marriage Revelation

Following Don Jazzy’s shocking revelation about his failed marriage, his ex-wife, Michelle Jackson, and his mum have reacted to the revelation.

Don jazzy wife reacts. Michelle Jackson. Don Jazzy Wife

Don Jazzy’s Mum x Don Jazzy x Michelle Jackson

On the 4th of April, Michelle Jackson took to her Instagram page to thank Nigerians, her family, friends, Don Jazzy and his family. She wrote a post appreciating even those who privately messaged her on the social app. The post;

“Thank you so very much  for the intense ❤ you have shown me, along with your beautiful messages, my inbox is flooded right now, and my heart is full I appreciate you.

Thank you also to my wonderful friends and family who have been loyal all these years.

Last but not least thank you @donjazzy for your kind expressions and to the rest of my extended family for keeping me under your wing and loving me just the same.

Have a Blessed Sunday
One love”

Don Jazzy’s mum via her Instagram handle (@indianpicolo) thanked his ex-wife, Michelle Jackson and in return, she thanked his mum also. See their conversation below;

Don Jazzy's wife reacts.



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