Diamond Platnumz and Jay Melody tease new music


Tanzanian artists Diamond Platnumz and Jay Melody were spotted in the studio together working on a new song.

Tanzanian Artists Diamond Platnumz and Jay Melody have teased new music together. A video circulating on social media shows both artists actively recording a song together in the studio. Both artists have collaborated previously on a song titled Mapoz featuring Mr Blue.

There is currently no additional information available regarding the release date or title of the song, indicating that it is still in the production stage. In December 2023, Diamond Platnumz participated in an interview with the Recording Academy. In the interview, he discussed the music genre he has been producing, his journey to becoming the most successful Tanzanian artist in history, and his experiences collaborating with Rick Ross and Usher.

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The artist said his genre of music is called Bongo Flava. He said, "Bongo flava is Afrobeat, but it originally comes from East Africa. It kinda has this Arabic vibe that can be a high or low-tempo sound, but the beautiful, sweet melodies are what’s good about it". Regarding being the biggest Tanzanian artist of all time, he expressed that it was a blessing.