'The cap must be found,' Diamond Platnumz opens up on stolen face cap


Tanzanian sensation Diamond Platnumz has opened up about the unexpected situation that left fans in disbelief.

In an exclusive interview following the recent cap-snatching incident during his public appearance in Dodoma, Diamond Platnumz shares his perspective on the moment captured in the viral video when a daring fan snatched his iconic Grass HWC Celtics cap from Mitchell & Ness.

Surrounded by heavy security, the Yatapita hitmaker navigated through a lively crowd in his distinctive black outfit and matching green cover-up shirt. The incident, where a hand emerged from the throng to swiftly grab his coveted cap, led to a brief pause as disappointment marked the artist's face at the loss of his possession.

Diamond delves into the emotions of the situation, expressing frustration and issuing instructions to his team to retrieve the cap, emphasising its sentimental value.

In a notable statement during the interview, he says, "Onesmo, the cap must be found because it has many memories. Almost all the outfits I brought today go with this cap. How do I wear it now? Onesmo, I don’t want him to come to the hotel; let him find it on his own."

This insight provides a deeper understanding of the significance the cap holds for the artist.