Davido’s gives financial advice to ‘Ogechi’ singers


Nigerian superstar Davido is offering some financial advice to the singers who featured him on the hit track Ogechi.

The song, which has become a chart-topper across multiple African countries, has propelled the featured singers into the spotlight.

In a recent social media post, Davido highlighted the song's success. He posted a picture noting that Ogechi is charting in over 5 countries. Including Liberia, Sierra Leone, Gambia, Niger, and Chad.

He then playfully urged the featured singers to "go open account together". The phrase "make dem start to Dey pay show money" translates to "so they can start collecting show money.” This is implying that the singers should capitalize on their newfound fame by booking paid performances.

Davido's advice, delivered in a humor points up the importance of financial literacy and capitalizing on opportunities in the music industry.