Davido speaks on ongoing custody battle of Imade


Davido took to Twitter today to express his frustration with the ongoing custody battle of his daughter, Imade.

In a tweet, Davido wrote: "All I asked for was ‘joint custody’ but cus it’s davido yall wanna act like yall can’t read! SMH I’m off this … yall be blessed and I pray this never happens to you." (SMH stands for "shaking my head")

This outburst follows Davido's legal filing in April 2024 requesting joint custody of Imade, whom he shares with Sophia Momodu. While the exact details of Momodu's response are unknown, Davido's tweet suggests a public misinterpretation of his intentions.

The tweet has sparked conversation on social media. Many are expressing support for Davido's desire to be actively involved in his daughter's life. However, others have called for privacy for all parties involved, particularly in regards to a minor child.