"You Bit The Finger That Fed You" - Comedian MC Morris Calls Out Simi


Nigerian Comedian MC Morris has called out Nigerian songstress Simi, accusing her of biting the fingers that fed her

MC Morris Simi

MC Morris & Simi

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Nigerian comedian MC Morris has called out Nigerian songstress Simi, accusing her of biting the fingers that fed her.

The Canada-based comedian, in an Instagram post, alleged that the prolific singer, songwriter, and sound engineer turned her back against him even though he played a vital role in her growth in the music industry. He went on to state that she did the same for others.

In the lengthy post, he wrote:

“Maybe speaking out will help me forget and forgive you, Simi. I shared my platform with you for years, went out of my way cause I believed in your talent, transport you to events both local and international with my pay (charges) so you will be seen and embraced by my clients and the world at large (that means I was working as a comedian for you to be known as an artiste).”

“I remember the bitter experience you caused me at Pat Akpabio’s event in Uyo that I had to pay over 500,000 in 2011 or is it the Ghana experience that I want to talk about? Uncountable shows I can go on counting but when life smiled at you, instead of building a longer table, you built a higher fence.

“Not even one recommendation from you, even when I invited you for my show in 2016, your so-called manager asked me to pay in millions and when I reached out to you, you said ‘It’s management and you can’t override them’. Instagram sef, I follow, you no follow me back (in Adekunle’s voice).

“If I put all my invested capital and time when I give to you on poultry, I should be cashing out big time now. Let God be the judge but just know you really bit the fingers that once fed you, na Samklef? Na Emeka? Abi na Mc Ray? Hmmmmmm, I have cleared my mind and I’m not Blackface that will come back to issues, God don settle me and I have moved on but remember to follow peace with every man cause who belle full go still hungry”.

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