Chris Brown Makes An Unexpected Revelation About His Relationship With Wizkid | WATCH


Chris Brown in a recent interview revealed what his relationship with Wizkid is after the successful release of their collaboration.

Chris Brown and Wizkid

Chris Brown and Wizkid shocked fans when they revealed that their collaboration would be released at midnight on Thursday, June 16, 2022. The singer in an interview talked about his relationship with Big Wiz is and how long they have known each other.

Breezy talked about how he has been friends with Wiz for over 15 years and how close they were. He talked about how they have worked together on some fun songs but this is actually the first time they collaborated to make a real record.

'Call Me Everyday' has had fans speaking about how well the two award-winning superstars have been able to harmonize their sound and create a perfect blend of nothing but quality music.

'Call Me Everyday' is a heavyweight collaboration expected to do amazing numbers on digital streaming platforms.

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