Cardi B in Lagos: 3 Things The Dominican Republic-born Superstar Has Done

Cardi B in Lagos: 3 Things The Dominican Republic-born Superstar Has Done

Cardi B in Lagos: 3 Things The Dominican Republic-born Superstar Has Done

Cardi B, who's scheduled to perform at the Livespot Festival in Lagos, has arrived. The American rapper will perform some of her songs tomorrow (December 7th) alongside some of the finest Nigerian artistes.


Already, the outspoken artiste has begun to trend, with varying reports as to what she said, did, or didn't do.

Here are three things Cardi has surely done:

1. Vibing to Davido's Fall: Before her arrival, footage of Cardi B twerking to Davido's smash hit, Fall, surfaced. On the short video, Cardi B is her usual self, bubbly and energetic.

What prompted trends however, was the seemingly new verse added on the version which played on the video. With vocals from Cardi B herself, speculations flew everywhere, as to if Cardi B was on the remix, and how perfect, if it was to be released while she was in Nigeria.

There was however, no confirmation if it was just a freestyle verse or really a forthcoming remix. Davido however, cleared all doubts, replying a fan's tweet and confirming that the remix was done in 2018 but never put out.

2. Comparing Lagos to the Dominican Republic: In a video recorded by her, Cardi B took notes on her host state Lagos, by comparing it to the Dominican Republic (where her father's from). Understandably, Cardi B relates Lagos's setting as similar to the DR, a country located on the island of Hispaniola in the Greater Antilles archipelago of the Caribbean region.

With its fair share of dictatorship, the DR had its times of trouble. But now, it is blooming, certainly shedding the 'Third World' tag. It boasts the largest economy in the Caribbean and Central American region. However, much of its physical structures still retain an aged quality to it, a small level of depletion –no doubt this is what Cardi sees in Lagos, and which prompted the comparison.

Nigerians reacted hilariously to her observation, bringing up the fact that she was probably in an high-brow locale. Like, she is yet to see the real Nigeria.

3. She wants to see the 'real' Nigeria and eat Jollof Rice: In another video, a very exuberant Cardi B, like an excited teenager, longs to see the 'real' Nigeria, and eat Jollof Rice, amidst other adventures.

Should we tell her?