Busta Rhymes talks about 'Roboshotta,' hails Burna Boy's work ethic


American rap icon Busta Rhymes has lauded Nigerian singer, Burna Boy's exceptional work ethic and musical prowess during a guest appearance on the Capital Xtra Podcast.

Expressing admiration for the African giant, Busta Rhymes described their collaboration on the track Roboshotta from his latest album, Blockbusta, as one of the most incredible experiences in his life.

Burna Boy's focused and swift approach to their collaboration left a lasting impression on Busta Rhymes, who commended the Nigerian artist for being efficient and clear in his creative process. Busta Rhymes highlighted Burna Boy's speed and precision, stating, "When he knows what he's gonna do, he ain't wasting no time. And he's super dangerously cold with it."

The rap legend shared insights into how their collaboration unfolded, describing it as a laid-back experience. He recounted playing Burna Boy tracks from the playlist while they sat and drank juice, allowing Burna Boy to choose the track that would later become Roboshotta.

Busta Rhymes enthusiastically narrated the moment, saying, "And I'm like I've got some shit I wanna play you too, so I'm playing him the album and about four songs and the third one Roboshotta and he was like, 'Hey yo, what's that' that's the song Pharell did for me. So I played two more songs, played about five songs. So we talking and drinking some juice and everything was perfection."

This isn't the first time Busta Rhymes has shown support for Burna Boy; he had previously congratulated the Nigerian artist in July 2023 for selling out the Citi Field Stadium in New York. The continued endorsement from the rap legend further solidifies Burna Boy's global recognition and impact in the music industry.