Burna Boy slams Dammy Krane for defaming Davido


Nigerian Afrobeat star, Burna Boy, has spoken out against fellow musician Dammy Krane's accusations directed at Davido.

Krane took to Twitter with a series of tweets alleging Davido's involvement in the death of Tagbo, a friend of both artists. In the tweets, Krane wrote, "I'M BOLDLY SAYING @davido HAS HAND IN TAGBO'S DEATH. IF IM LYING THEY SHOULD SUE ME, MAKE EVERYTHING CAST FOR COURT. I READY HELP AM SPREAD ALL HIN DIRTY LINEN FOR PUBLIC. JUSTICE FOR TAGBO ✊ — BIG DADDY KRANE."

Burna Boy responded swiftly, expressing his disappointment in two separate tweets. In the first, he emphasized empathy for legal troubles, stating, "We both know how it feels to be locked up, why TF would you wish that on anyone? I gat love for u but I do NOT stand for none of this police ass shit. Take all this shit down please."

The second tweet further urged Krane to retract the accusations: "Bro. WTF are you doing?? Take this down now !! Make me and u no get problem abeg [please]. No be like this we dey handle differences [This isn't how we handle disagreements]."

Tagbo's death in 2017 was a public tragedy in Nigeria. While accusations swirled, Davido was never charged with any crime.