Burna Boy conduct on-stage gender reveal for a couple in Berlin


Grammy-winning Nigerian artist Burna Boy surprised fans at his show in the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Berlin, with a unique gender reveal celebration.

In a video garnering thousands of views, the singer initially engrossed in his performance, was interrupted by one of his aides, who handed him a card containing details about the expecting couple.

With the couple's faces visible in the video, the audience watched eagerly as Burna Boy took the stage, announcing his intention to conduct a gender reveal for them. Without hesitation, he opened the card, unveiling its contents to an excited crowd.

In a moment of joy, Burna Boy disclosed that the forthcoming addition to the family was a boy, promptly congratulating the expectant parents.

The heartwarming surprise added an extra layer of celebration to the singer's performance, creating a memorable and special moment for all involved.