Burna Boy opens up on how he almost performed in a wheelchair


Burna Boy, in a recent interview, opened up about how he almost performed in a wheelchair at the recently concluded 'Made In America' festival.

Award-winning singer and performer Burna Boy shared a never-heard-before story of how he was almost forced to perform in a wheelchair at the recently concluded 'Made In America' concert. The singer was asked about what had happened, which led to him collapsing off the stage after his remarkable performance at the event in September 2022, and the singer opened up that he had been injured in a knife incident while trying to fix his food for the day.

Burna explained that he was trying to fix himself a peanut butter and jam sandwich, and the knife he used to cut the bread had not been placed well by him, and it ended up hitting his toe and causing an incident. He went on to share that he did not treat it immediately after the incident had happened because he had to fly to America for the festival; as such, the injury got a little worse.

He revealed that he was faced with two options at that point: either get on the stage in a wheelchair or 'thug' it out. He chose to perform on his feet and could not handle the pain right after that, which led to his collapse backstage.

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