Brymo Solicits For A "5 Million Dollars Investor" For His Music On Twitter


Brymo For His Music On Twitter has taken to Twitter to ask that fans seek out an investor that'll put in 5 Million dollars into his music


Olawale Ashimi - Brymo

The "Heya" singer, who is very vocal on Twitter, made this statement on the 21st of September, stating that if that happens, it'll help him create 2 albums that'll "top the world" and give him enough money to give the lion share to the investor; an investment contract that'll span for three years.

He said;

"I need 5million dollars paid to me in bulk .... I’ll give you lion’s share on two albums in a 3year contract, albums that’ll stop the world and make everyone sing forever.. (kindly forward this message to your rich dads and music business people)..."