Bruce Springsteen Named Highest Paid Musician Of 2021 | SEE LIST


Bruce Springsteen Named Highest Paid Musician Of 2021 | SEE LIST

The singer reportedly racked in a total of $590 million last year, making him the wealth king of 2021.

Bruce Springsteen highest paid musician 2021
Bruce Springsteen

Iconic American singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist Bruce Frederick Joseph Springsteen has been named the highest-paid musician of 2021 after reportedly racking in a total of $590 million (£431.3 million).

According to reports, Sprighteen earned most of his money via the sale of his masters and publishing rights.

The singer's record-breaking deal with Sony Music, which is valued at $550 million, is one of the biggest sales a musician has ever made for their discography. The deal gave Sony ownership of the ace singer's entire back catalogue, which includes 20 studio albums, 300 songs, seven EPs, 23 live records and more.

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The list published by Rolling Stone sees Taylor Swift as the only woman on the list, while announcing 72-year-old Bruce Springsteen as the highest-paid musician for the year 2021.

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Also making the list are Jay-Z ($470 million), Paul Simon ($260 million), Kanye West ($250 million), Ryan Tedder ($200 million)Red Hot Chili Peppers ($145 million), Lindsey Buckingham ($100 million), Mötley Crüe ($95 million), Blake Shelton ($83 million), and Taylor Swift ($80 million).

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