Blaqbonez exposes how some artists chart in top 20 without listeners


Rapper Blaqbonez has broken his silence again on how some artists maintain the top 20 positions without having people listening to their songs.

Chocolate City rapper Blaqbonez in an interview with Cool FM 96.9, opened up on how nameless artists are maintaining a top 20 position without having fans or listeners who actually push these songs organically on the charts.

The rapper, who is currently on a media tour following the successful release of his hit song Ice Spyce revealed that some artists that maintain the 10th to 20th position on the Apple Music Top Songs chart for Nigeria do so with the help of stream farms.

Streaming farms conversations dominated social media trends in 2022 following the exchange of words between artists BNXN fka Buju and Ruger.

This deceitful practice, commonly seen globally but previously thought to be absent in Nigeria, has now emerged, raising concerns among artists and music enthusiasts.

Streaming farms are services artists and labels employ to artificially boost their streaming numbers on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

These activities deceive listeners and create a false sense of popularity around certain artists. As a result, artists with low actual listenership can chart in the top 20, overshadowing deserving talents who have genuinely earned their fan base.

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