BEONIX Festival Lineup 2024: New DJs


New names in lineups of EDm events are sometimes like uncut diamonds not yet known to the general public. We will uncover some of the brilliant young artists who will shine as true gems this coming fall at the BEONIX 2024 festival lineup in Limassol, Cyprus.

BEONIX 2024: Setup

The highly successful venue for BEONIX 2023, ETKO, will host the festival again in 2024. Three different stages will be set up for the three-day event: the Main Stage, Hangar Stage, and Organic Stage. Music lovers can take full advantage of numerous performances during the BEONIX time frame. Regarding the festival's layout and aesthetic components, the creators will reveal some tricks up their sleeves.

General Lineup

Let’s review the lineup and discuss some of the new names that are about to rock the BEONIX music festival in 2024.


This year, BEONIX boasts three amazing headliners:

  • Tale Of Us,
  • and Fatboy Slim.

These names are well-known to EDM lovers all over the world. However, in this post, we will review some new names that definitely have a bright future in the realm of techno and will rock BEONIX in 2024.

Performers at BEONIX 2024

Below is the full lineup of the festival. The BEONIX schedule this year is really busy!

  • Ae:ther
  • Amelie Paul
  • ANNE
  • Axel Haube
  • Bondi
  • Brina Knauss
  • Claptone
  • Estella Boersma
  • Highjacks
  • HOSH
  • Kadosh
  • Klangphonics
  • Kosta Kritikos
  • Lehar
  • Markus Klee
  • Miss Monique
  • Peter Pahn
  • Philipp Straub
  • Ross Quinn
  • Shall Ocin
  • SHDW
  • Spartaque
  • Teenage Mutants
  • The Advocate
  • Undercatt


We would like to highlight some of the stellar performers who will shine during BEONIX Festival 2024.



German by origin, born and raised in Rome, Ae:ther is an artist with a wide musical taste who has rapidly gained recognition for his outstanding production and selection skills through captivating DJ sets and a number of incredible releases. 

Though he first gained recognition for his work with Mind Against, Ae:ther is now primarily recognized for his solo endeavors. Ae:ther enjoys a great deal of support from the industry because of his dedication to producing dance floor-ready tracks that combine his love of deep emotion and ambient electronica with a high level of energy.

Ae:ther will perform at BEONIX Festival on September 22.

Ae:ther on SoundCloud


GHEIST for BEONIX Festival Lineup 2024

A driving force in the European techno arena, the Berlin-based production band GHEIST is a hybrid act that sort of combines the intimacy of a live concert with the energy of a DJ set. 

After launching the project in 2017 at one of Berlin’s most well-known spots, Watergate, the group has covered themselves in glory and recognition due to their intense and dynamic live performances. In 2018, the band started their own label, Radau Records, and cemented themselves as favorites within the EDM niche by releasing their big hit, “Frequent Tendencies.” 

BEONIX cannot be more excited to have these guys as performers!

GHEIST will perform at BEONIX on September 21.

GHEIST on SoundCloud


Highjacks for BEONIX Festival Lineup 2024

Another BEONIX Festival Lineup is the Highjacks - a Greek duo of DJs and producers Harris and John Tzigkounakis. With their progressive sets infused with techno sounds, their names have come to represent an amazing and consistently unique performance. 

Being one of the most promising duos in Greece, the guys are now engaged in a number of projects, pitching their underground sounds to the top record labels across the globe for vinyl and digital releases. Highjacks is a precious addition to the BEONIX timetable.

Highjacks will perform at BEONIX Festival on September 20.

Highjacks on SoundCloud



Going from a local starlet to a global star, Undercatt, an extraordinary talent from Tuscany, Italy, made his name in electronic music by throwing monthly parties in his hometown and eventually becoming a world-known DJ. 

Undercatt, aka Elia Crecchi, began his career by attracting international DJs to his local events. Undercatt’s experimentation, which he describes as a fusion of melody and groove, includes melodic sounds, electro beats, and deep techno.

Undercatt will perform at BEONIX on September 22.

Undercatt on SoundCloud

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