Banky W reveals why money is not the key to happiness


Popular musician and politician, Banky W has shared his thoughts on the relationship between money and happiness, recounting an encounter with a billionaire who ultimately took his own life.

In a recent interview, the singer and father of one emphasized that money is not the key to true happiness. Banky W explained that everyone has an internal void that can only be filled by God.

He asserted that attempts to fill this void with money, women, alcohol, or other material pursuits will never lead to lasting satisfaction. While acknowledging that a certain amount of money is necessary for a comfortable life, he argued that wealth alone does not guarantee happiness.

To illustrate his point, Banky W recounted his experience of sitting across from a billionaire, whose wealth was not in naira, who eventually ended his own life. He questioned why so many billionaires choose to end their lives if money truly brought happiness, showcasing his belief that fulfillment comes from a deeper source than financial success.