Banky W provokes online criticism with bold bible debate


Nigerian singer and actor Banky W has ignited a lively debate within the Christian community by asserting that Deuteronomy 32:30, a well-known biblical verse, should be interpreted as a curse rather than a blessing.

In a recent post on his Instagram, Banky W expressed his belief that Christians have been misinterpreting and misusing the scripture for decades. The controversial verse in question states, "I shall put to flight a thousand, and 2 shall put to flight 10,000."

Banky W argued that contrary to popular belief, this portion of the Bible is not a blessing but a curse. The singer's perspective has garnered mixed reactions among Christians, with some supporting his interpretation and others vehemently disagreeing, asserting that the verse is indeed a blessing.

The ongoing discussion highlights the diversity of interpretations within the Christian community, emphasising the nuanced nature of biblical passages and the varying perspectives that individuals bring to their faith.

As the debate unfolds, it prompts reflection on the role of interpretation in shaping religious beliefs and practises.